Enter Nebraska

Preservation of "The Good Life"

Nebraska is a special state in many ways. Its well mannered people and neighborly attitude make it one of the greatest places in the United States if not the entire world. People from Nebraska generally know the value of hard work and honest living. Nebraska is the birthplace of several great inventions such as the strobe light, center-pivot irrigates, kool-aid, and much, much more.

Nebraska may seem like another boring state or a pass through state to where the real action is. But if one were to stop and take a good look around at the heart of this great nation they would see that Nebraska is more than just corn, cows, and farms. There are great cities such as Lincoln, Omaha, Grand Island, Sioux City, and, of course, Norfolk that all contain some of the greatest people in places in these 50 United States.

Feel free to browse this website and maybe catch a glimpse of what is in store in the great state of Nebraska.

And if you don't believe me, than maybe The String Beans(who just happen to be from Nebraska) can convince you.